Example workshops

I am able to provide workshops from 1 hour, all day, or weekly depending on your needs. These can be in person, at a selected location or online via Zoom.  I am also able to create an activity based on a theme to suit your event. Please contact me to discuss details further. Here are some previous workshops.

Manga workshops – approx 1 hour

I have created a 12 week programme on how to draw Manga Comics which I have delivered to secondary age children since 2014. Each session lasts an hour and covers basic techniques for practical comic making and culminates in the students work collected into an anthology which is showcased in the school library.


Drop in sessions- approx 3-6 hours

I have run drop in Manga workshops on how to draw Chibi characters and cute animals for various museums and art galleries.

Kawaii Food Fun approx 3-6 hours

An exciting drop in session based around the theme of foods and cute foods with faces on delivered for a Big Draw event.

Cartoon workshops – approx 1 hour

I have provided a 12 week course on Comic Art which aims to teach different techniques into creating exciting characters and inventing new cartoon worlds. Learn how to draw your favourite characters and develop new exciting skills.

Big Draw Drop in approx 3-6 hours

Fun drop in sessions based around the theme of the year, previous sessions have been a space based topic, highlights include drawing aliens and rockets, this workshop particularly works well with the younger audience. Drawing a community allotment, teaching how to draw each element and modelling how to implement designs together.

I can also run drawing workshops for adults on location around London.

Online Workshops and Zoom

I have ‘live drawing’ workshops on my facebook page, and I have a Youtube channel with lots of workshop sessions to view. Upon request I can deliver sessions to run over Zoom , completely tailored to your child’s interests.